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Cut out the complexity of IoT
Painless, end-to-end, IoT solutions "as-a-service"



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CLient Applications

Choose your vertical application from Katana App store and even select only the services you need inside the application. Start easy and grow to full potential as needed

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Cloud Services

Katana is not just simple monitoring and automation. with Katana Cloud you get, Artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics, Computer Vision and Blockchain without the overhead

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just like SAAS, but with an "Edge". Katana services include IoT and mesh network hardware. No additional charge. No setup costs

Simple katana

IoT App Store
Similar to cloud application SAAS but with an "Edge"

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Katana Cloud
Elvate the edge to business level

Simple katana

Katana "Edge" hardware
Modular, Programmable edge devices and mesh networks


Katana vertical use cases

Precision Poultry Farming

Our first product and beachhead market. A chicken happiness index (CHI) tell you all you need to know

Smart Aviary

keep your bees safe. your future depends on it. Monitor you bee hives from your phone wherever you are.

Base Station Monitoring

monitor assets, resources and site security without leaving the office even when they are miles away

Smart Stay

give your guests a home feel with smart guest rooms. for Hotels and AirBnb hosts


Stop paying for wasted energy smarten your illumination with Katana Lighting-as-a-service (LAAS)

Office on demand

smart office

The most efficient way to use your spaces. On demand everything from access to power to interent connection

Simple katana

there is no mountain too high
Give us an IoT challenge to experience tech at the "Edge"



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